Flip Fit launches Live Shopping Shows

The future of how the world will shop.

Social media and ecommerce platforms have been living a parallel existence. The past two decades have witnessed both models built to perfection, yet they couldn’t be more disjointed when combined together. Social platforms have become great destinations for discovery but haven’t been built with the ecommerce back-end to support the shopping features, while the ecommerce platforms we regularly use have been optimized for scale and operational excellence, yet are still built around the product, not the community. They aren’t designed for users to interact with each other.

It’s time for something far more superior to be built.

What we’re launching today!

As we thought through what the commerce world should look like, we had to start with a blank slate and reimagine the experience from the ground up. We couldn’t simply stitch together these disjointed experiences and expect a different outcome. Instead, we imagined a world that for the first time, brought together social, commerce, and entertainment in an organic, interconnected fashion that was never possible before. And we’re thrilled today to announce ‘Live Shopping Shows’.

It’s time to bring entertaining, social, and shoppable content to the ecommerce experience. Live Shopping Shows are not just authentic, but wildly entertaining. They’re interactive; viewers become a core element of the show, with their social engagement sparking the host’s creativity and dynamically driving the content in new directions. They’re fun; every show has a theme with the host sharing their secrets and hacks into products they deeply understand.

What does this mean for users?

No longer will users be joining a live stream where retailers turn on their cameras just to sell them a product. Or watch a group of influencers describing an item they’ve been paid to promote. Or get directed to other destinations in order to buy a single product. They’re now tuning into a show not for a product, but a topic they connect with that is linked to shoppable items and an engaged community. Our “Dr. Honest” show wasn’t produced to simply discuss a specific skincare product. It covers an entire journey of what a healthy skin routine starts and ends with, giving users a platform to engage with the “Expert Shopper” and the broader community, along with an ability to buy any of the listed products in the show through a one-click checkout, all fulfilled by Flip and shipped within a 12 hour window.

Our Expert Shoppers are not famous influencers who get products for free. They are everyday people who bring years of expertise in their fields into the show, using their knowledge to review and recommend products as subject matter experts, providing real value to users, while being completely neutral to which products are purchased. They are Dermatologists, make up artists, celebrity hair stylists, nutritionists, shopping experts, and the list goes on. And with different themes, and an unlimited number of products, there’s always something new and fun to tune into.

What does this mean for brands?

What we’re launching today would not have been possible without the tremendous efforts that have gone into building our back-end platform over the past 12 months. We had no choice but to build an ecommerce platform that is not only operationally scalable, but organically connected to every product tagged on Flip. A world where digital content and physical products are interconnected, making every item instantly shoppable with a 12 hour shipping window. While that world certainly creates an immensely joyful and seamless experience for the user, the implications for our brand partners are no less important.

Brands are typically faced with two major tasks: finding the buyer, and fulfilling the order. As the case has been with social commerce, both problems have been solved independently, yet failed to integrate seamlessly. Ecommerce solutions provide brands with a platform to sell and fulfill the product, sometimes with a single click, but have failed to solve for distribution. Social platforms meanwhile pioneered distribution, while failing to provide a decent solution to handle the post purchasing process. With Flip, we’re offering brands an-end-to-end “Social Commerce as a Service”, allowing them to focus on what matters: making their product. Think of it as a fulfillment network with access to a distribution platform through “Live Shopping Shows” and user-generated content.

For the first time ever, brands of all sizes will have the ability to connect to a single platform and get the distribution, the experience, and the operations all in one place. Brands are now able to launch their products on Flip and Live Shopping Shows, and connect immediately with a vibrant community of users and Expert Shoppers to review, engage, and interact with their products, while Flip handles everything else. From transaction, payment, fulfillment, customer support, and product returns, we’ve got it covered. And we’re incredibly excited about the possibilities this will create for our brand partners.

What does this mean for us?

It means one thing: an obsession with putting our users first, bringing them fun, authentic content that is radically honest, and instantly shoppable. We aren’t incentivized by selling a certain product. We will never produce our own line. We will remain neutral to help the user make the best purchasing decision possible. We believe in the power of radical transparency, and the only way to deliver on that is by aligning our incentives with those of our users’.

Join us on this journey

We’ve been pretty busy over the last 12 months building our platform to bring you this new form of shoppable content. Over the next 12 months, we will continue to execute on our promise to deliver an experience users, shoppers, and brands will be blown away with. If you have what it takes to become an Expert Shopper and host your own show, we want to hear from you (pitch us your show idea here). If you’re an innovative brand looking to connect with your users like never before, we’d love to work with you (click here to connect with Flip).

We can’t wait to work with all the creative ones out there and change ecommerce to something we all love!

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Founder & CEO @ FlipFit.com

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